Confidently wear your birthstone on your wedding day to not only add a touch of colour but love, good luck, health, wealth, and blessings.

Here is how to confidently wear your birthstone on your wedding day!


Confidently Wear Your Birthstone On Your Wedding DayTHE BEAUTY OF BIRTHSTONES…


Birthstones provide all three basic functions of wedding jewellery: they tie your bridal ensemble together, give a sentimental touch, and are an investment piece. By wearing a birthstone on your wedding day, you can add an extra sense personality to your outfit. You could incorporate them into your wedding ring, a bracelet, earrings or a necklace. If you are getting married and are on a budget or just need another stone more than diamonds, you can choose a different type of birthstone. The good thing is gemstones are generally less expensive than diamonds.

You can easily find gemstone jewellery from Bridley deals as you do your regular shopping, rather than going to a special jewellery store. This does not make it any less special – it is just convenient. When shopping for birthstone bridal jewellery, you have more than one gemstone to choose from. Every month has its own birthstone, and including your birthstone in your wedding attire as an element with a personal meaning for you is a charming touch.


Confidently Wear Your Birthstone On Your Wedding Day




According to ancestral beliefs and popular culture, wearing a birthstone can bring you blessings, health, love, and good fortune. Superstition claims that wearing a birthstone will bring good luck and ward off illness, negative karma and other negative energies. For example, in the past, it was believed that wearing a diamond can help you gain inner strength and improve your relationships, especially if it is your birthstone. However, times are changing – These days it is very appropriate to have a mixture of gemstones and other birthstones, or just an alternative birthstone, even for your wedding day. Originally, zodiac stones and birthstones were the same, but today zodiac stones are mostly semi-precious, while standard birthstones include many gems.


Confidently Wear Your Birthstone On Your Wedding Day





Legends say that you can access the qualities you would like to develop by wearing a stone. This is why a healing stone (Amethyst – the purple stone) can help you gain additional benefits in many aspects of your life.



You can wear a stone of a loved one to honour that special person’s memory, feel connected to them, or feel protected. Pair your gorgeous jewellery with vibrant yellow gold or even coloured diamonds for a bold interpretation of birthstones and meanings.



Perhaps wearing an Aquamarine at your wedding will help calm your nerves and remind you of their happiness on your wedding day.

Confidently Wear Your Birthstone On Your Wedding Day



You need not stick to diamonds for your wedding jewellery. Gemstones may have had superstitious beliefs associated with them in the past, but things have changed. You can wear a bracelet, earrings, a necklace, or even a wedding ring with your birthstone. This invites the different benefits each stone carries. Like the stones, we wish you all the blessings, good luck, great love and health for your new chapter.

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