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21 Beautiful And Unexpected Bridesmaid Dress Colors

Most popular bridesmaid & bridesmen dress colours.

Once you’ve decided on a colour scheme for your wedding, it’s time to start thinking about what your bridesmaids (or bridesmen) will wear! The look and style of your bridal party play a major part in tying together the overall theme of your wedding day.

Finding the perfect look for your bride tribe can be a tricky task — one that usually requires lots of discussion and endless inspo pics being shared in the group chat. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve rounded up the most popular bridesmaid dress colours and styles to inspire your selection.

Whether you’re planning to mix things up with mismatched bridal party looks or going for a more cohesive vibe, you’ll want to make sure the colour and style of the bridesmaid dresses you pick are flattering, comfortable, and match your overall colour theme. If you’re yet to finalise a colour scheme for your wedding, check out this article for trending Bridal Accessories palettes we’re loving.

The most popular bridesmaid dress colours for 2022 and beyond
Gorgeous pink mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses Photo by Anna Tomlinson

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What are the most popular bridesmaid dress colours at the moment?

According to the lovely team at Bridley, soft champagnes and earthy tones are having a moment — and we are here for it.

“We’re seeing more brides and bridesmaids interested in soft champagne tones and also earthier mauve and rust tones. That being said, navy is also a timeless colour that we are seeing more frequently for mother-of-the-bride looks.”

Popular bridesmaid dress colour - Champagne

What colour bridesmaid dresses are the most flattering?

If you’re not overly keen on the idea of black bridesmaid dresses, Bridley suggest darker-toned dresses such as navy or dark mauve, as they are flattering tones for various skin tones and figures. “The fabrication of bridesmaid dresses can also make a big impact and help by broadening the colours that can be selected. For example, waterfall/knife pleating is flattering on many silhouettes — the pleating elongates the figure, and the relaxed fit is comfy and modest, so your bridesmaids are likely to feel more comfortable.”

Here are some of our favourite trending bridesmaid dress colours:

Earthy Tones

The most popular bridesmaid dress colours for 2022 and beyond

Swoon-worthy terracotta dresses. Photo by Puzzleman Productions

Beautiful 'Eleanora' and 'Doren' rust bridesmaid dresses from Esther & Co
Beautiful rust bridesmaid dresses from Bridley
Copper coloured bridesmaid dresses at Ella and John's Stones of the Yarra Valley wedding
Copper coloured bridesmaid dresses at Ella & John’s wedding. Photo by Fern & Stone Photography

Rust, mauve, copper, mustard, taupe, and terracotta are all gorgeous earthy tones for bridesmaids’ dresses, evoking a rich warmth that looks absolutely stunning in photos. From rustic rural soirees to luxe bohemian weddings, the earthy colour palette suits an array of themes and is a great choice if you’re planning to tie the knot in autumn.


The most popular bridesmaid dress colours for 2022 and beyond
Gorgeous silky green bridesmaids’ dresses – Photo by Liz Barnes Photography
emerald green bridesmaids dresses at Sophie & Tim's Woods Farm wedding. Image by Neaton Photography.
Emerald is a gorgeous shade of green for bridesmaids – Image by Neaton Photography.
Forest green bridesmaid dress inspiration
Forest green bridesmaid dresses at Carla & Mauricio’s real wedding. Photo by Ateia Photography

Perfect for spring weddings and whimsical garden gatherings, green has fast become a popular bridesmaid dress colour, and it’s here to stay. Sage, forest and emerald green have become particularly popular in recent years, lending themselves perfectly to fresh colour palettes with pops of white contrasting the green tones beautifully.

Blush Pink

Bridesmaid dress inspiration based on your wedding colour - pink
Baby pink never goes out of style! Photo by Lost in Love Photography
Blush pink boho bridesmaid dresses
Blush and boho: off-the-shoulder bridesmaids dresses at Jess & James’ wedding. Photo by Lauren Olivia Photography.
Blush pink bridesmaid dress inspiration
Floor-length satin blush gowns at this romantic real wedding. Photo by Amy Skinner Photography.

Another timeless bridesmaid dress colour, blush pink is a dreamy, soft shade perfect for romantic garden weddings in the warmer months. We love the subtlety and femininity of this shade, which looks particularly stunning in satin. And because blush is one of the most popular bridesmaid dress colours of all time, it’ll be easy to find different styles in the same shade to suit all of your bridal party members!

Soft Peach

Blush pink bridesmaid dress colour inspiration
Peach/champagne satin bridesmaid dresses at Jayne & Chad’s winery wedding. Photo by DUUET Photography
Bridesmaid dress inspiration based on your wedding colour - peachy pink
Soft peach bridesmaid dresses at this real wedding. Photo by Veri Photography

Similar to blush but with a fresher take, soft peach is a versatile bridesmaid dress colour that pairs beautifully with romantic pastel blooms. A beautiful colour for spring or summer weddings, soft peach is a timeless but fun wedding colour and works well in winery, garden and beach settings.


White & Ivory

White bridesmaid dress colour inspiration
Dreamy white bridesmaids’ dresses — Photo by Common Studios Photography
Champagne bridesmaid dresses at Marissa & Luke's Burnham Grove Estate wedding. Photo by Lightheart Films & Photography
Beautiful champagne bridesmaid dresses at this real wedding. Photo by Lightheart Photography & Films

Once a controversial pick for bridesmaids’ dresses, white and ivory shades are becoming increasingly popular with couples looking to steer away from tradition with a crisp, all-white wedding colour palette. When done right, white bridesmaid dresses will actually complement your dress while looking absolutely breathtaking in photographs. The white and ivory colour palette is also incredibly versatile and will suit pretty much any wedding theme!


Black bridesmaid dress inspiration
Black mismatched bridesmaid dresses at Jessica & Christopher’s art deco wedding. Image by The White Tree
Chic black bridesmaid dress inspiration
Chic black bridesmaids’ dresses — Photo by Inlighten Photography
Black bridesmaid dress inspiration
 Photo by T-One Image

For a timeless and chic wedding look, we love black bridesmaids’ dresses. This easy-to-wear shade is incredibly flattering and looks great on everyone, so your bridesmaids are guaranteed to feel comfortable and confident on the day. We’ve seen this bridesmaid dress colour choice becoming super popular for contemporary, inner-city weddings

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How to Make the Most of Your Spring Wedding

How to Make the Most of Your Spring Wedding

Categories : Wedding Trends

With the warmer temperatures and the greener surroundings, spring brings in colourful blooms, bluer skies, and happier vibes. Get to know the latest trends and creative ideas when it comes to romantic springtime weddings and garden receptions.

Spring Weddings in Australia

Nothing is more exciting than having an outdoor wedding right when springtime comes breezing along. With flowers blooming, birds chirping, and air breezing through, spring weddings are quite popular with brides and grooms because of its great ambience, its perfect weather, and long school holidays.

We’ve rounded up a couple of tips that can help you make the most of your beautiful springtime wedding, read on!

Go for natural beauty.

Feature nature’s renewed seasonal beauty and let spring take the limelight for your wedding theme. A botanical venue or a location that is filled with natural beauty will be perfect for a truly romantic wedding day. You’ll save on the decorations and you’ll also get to have Insta-worthy photos all day long with a gorgeous garden as a background. No need for over-the-top centrepieces or extravagant ice sculptures, just the blooms, greens, and the ambience can make your spring garden wedding extra dreamy.

Compliment nature’s beauty with these charming Personalised Wedding Signs that can easily help your guests navigate the breathtakingly outdoor venue in style.

Be an early bird.

As spring weddings are highly popular, booking venues and getting dates for wedding suppliers should be done as early as possible. Especially if you are quite sure that there is a specific wedding supplier or vendor that you’ve been dreaming to get, better call them up right after setting the date. Send out your save-the-dates and wedding invitations early so your family and friends can flawlessly plan their spring holiday schedules as well.

Check out our newest product, Large Printed Round Acrylic Wedding Invitation, that’s perfect for a wonderful golden spring wedding.

“Translate springtime charm into great wearable fashion.”

Florals are forever in season.

The highlight of the season is the breath-taking blooms and the natural beauty of the surroundings. Translate springtime charm into great wearable fashion through flowing floral dresses (or jumpsuits!) for your bridesmaids and flower crowns for the adorable little flower girls.

This Large Personalised Brown Wedding Guest Book, Photo Album or Scrapbook can be the best wedding keepsake you could ever have. Fill it up with photobooth snaps, with wedding adlibs from the guests, or even with the wedding cards and well wishes from all your invited guests.

Take advantage of what’s in-season.

Incorporate your favourite fruits and vegetables into your wedding menu to savour spring’s crisp abundance and natural goodness. From the refreshing cocktails to the sweet desserts, bring out the colourful beauty of spring through different culinary treats.

Feature your lovely springtime menu by having it professionally engraved on our charming 11B Timber Wooden Menu Cards.

“Feature nature’s renewed seasonal beauty and let spring take the limelight for your wedding theme.”

Cheers to the newlyweds in classic spring style.

For outdoor weddings, don’t forget to offer drinks and refreshments, even before the ceremony for especially sunny days. For the evening, create spring-themed cocktails for the guests to enjoy or simply feature the classic red wine with a couple of bubbly champagne that will pair well with the fresh spring fruits and vegetables you have served.

Toast in style with these Engraved 350ml Wedding Wine Glasses which are great as tokens for the bridal party and the parents of the newlyweds as well.

Top it off with a romantic cake.

Nothing is as sweet as a wedding cake, especially those which get to feature the season’s freshest produce such as strawberries, lemons, and even beautiful fresh flowers as accents.

Our Bamboo Wooden Cut Mr. & Mrs. Cake Topper can easily tie in with any cake that is made for spring. Be it a naked layered cake or a  classic buttercream cake filled with flowers, our cake toppers are highly customisable and easy to style.

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Together is a beautiful place to be

Creating Wedding Magic: Tips & Ideas For An Epic Celebration


Planning a wedding is an exciting journey filled with anticipation and a whole lot of love. Bridley understand the importance of curating an unforgettable experience that reflects your unique love story, and for a lot of couples, this includes a celebration that truly rings in this new era of your relationship. We have some words of wisdom from the brilliant team at for The Planning Issue on creating wedding magic, and making your wedding celebration truly epic!

You’re engaged, congratulations! We have no doubt that there are a million thoughts, questions, and ideas swirling through your mind right now about what the planning journey looks like, so allow us to lay it all out for you! Bridley team are experts in planning and executing epic events, so we know a thing or two about what should go on your wedding planning checklist. Eager to learn more about what to do once you get engaged? Keep reading!


Work Out Your Priorities For The Day

You and your lover need to take a seat and decide what the most important aspects of your day are. This could be anything from the venue, to multiple outfits, florals, and styling, or a kickass live band – the things that are really going to elevate your wedding day and make it totally unforgettable. We recommend compiling a list of all of these items and ranking them from most to least important so that you can clearly see where your priorities lie, and where you’ll want to spend the bulk of your money. For some couples, it’ll all be about the outfits – custom-made dresses, embroidered suits, and designer shoes taking centre stage and proving to be the most important aspect of the day. And we don’t blame them, they will certainly catch the eye of every guest attending, and be the stand-out feature in all of your iconic portraits.


Book A Venue & Secure The Date

From a planning perspective, and for your day to look and feel how you want, your venue is arguably the most important aspect of your day and requires significant thought to ensure it’s the perfect spot to host your dream nuptials. Start by doing some research into what your ideal aesthetic is, whether it be rustic, romantic, modern, or coastal, and narrow down a list of a few iconic spaces that you’re eager to visit. Then reach out to these venues to take a tour!

For example, if you’re loving the sound of a luxe, heritage-listed venue located in the heart of CBD, get in touch with the team at The Trust. If you’re wanting a more modern, blank space to weave your dream wedding magic then a DIY-eques venue like your home or Two Ton Max is the way to go. Venue event teams will run through each and every question you have, outline all of the many stunning features of their venue, and paint a picture of what your wedding day will look like at the venue and any logistical points you may need to consider.

Our tip – be sure to check out a variety of different venues throughout this process – you never know what will catch your eye. Once you’ve decided on an amazing venue for your nuptials, picked the perfect date, and locked it in with the team, it’s time to get excited – the countdown begins!


Plan Your Budget

Once you’ve secured your dream venue, this is the point in the process where you can begin allocating what you’re willing to spend on every other component, based on your remaining budget. Right here, it’s all about being realistic about what your wedding day will look like. It’s not uncommon for one lover to be more willing to loosen the purse strings in order to ensure their day is exactly what they’ve envisaged, down to the finest details – that’s where the budget is important. Discussing each and every detail of the budget ensures that you won’t end up bickering about minor aspects of the wedding, and you’ll know exactly where each cent is going.


Lock In A Wedding Planner

You may be asking yourself, can you plan a wedding without a wedding planner? The simple answer is, of course, you can. But with a never-ending list of suppliers to liaise with, deadlines to meet, and what seems like endless emails full of crucial information, you’ll thank your future self for locking in a highly experienced and knowledgeable planner to take the reins.

A wedding planner will guide you through your wedding planning journey, handling everything from locking in your suppliers to managing budgets, writing run sheets, and coordinating every aspect of your big day, allowing you to sit back and relax. What does this mean for you? You get to spend more time revelling in the other exciting parts of your wedding journey, like picking your outfits, tasting some delish cakes, and of course, planning that epic honeymoon. For example, you will love the team at Bridley – we are on top of every aspect of your day so you can relax and enjoy the process.

While there are plenty of decisions to be made and aspects to consider, don’t forget that your wedding day is meant to be special, romantic, and memorable, full of everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Savour every moment of the process, do what makes you happy, and begin the countdown to your big day. And remember, if you need a helping hand to make the journey all the most enjoyable and stress-free, don’t hesitate to get in touch with wedding vendors who know the wedding scene inside and out and can help you bring your epic celebration to life!

About We’re a dynamic team of  Bridal Attire and Wedding Dress designers (and shoulders to lean on), effortlessly guiding you through your wedding journey step by step. Taking the time to understand your vision and what matters most, whilst also taking care of the million small (and sometimes tedious) details that you don’t have the time for. And when the day comes, you can rest assure that Bridleys little touches will bring it all together to create the kind of experience your guests will rave about for years.

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After Party Wedding Dresses All Brides Need to See

Show-Stopping Outfits for Your Wedding After-Party

Keep the party going with an outfit change into one of these jaw-dropping looks.

bhldn off white allover floral lace dress with high neckline and cap sleeves for wedding after party outfit

Picture this: It’s your wedding day and you’ve said your “I do”s, listened to the toasts, and torn up the dance floor. The night is winding down and it feels like the end of your special day is (sadly) coming to a close. But not so fast—it’s time to change into a wedding after-party outfit and keep the celebration going for a little while longer. Take it from us when we say that after parties are always a good idea, especially if you’ve got a killer outfit to change into. Trade your wedding gown in for a little white dress, jumpsuit, or a trendy tuxedo-inspired look that will keep all eyes on you for the rest of the night (and make it much easier to move around in). Below, we’ve rounded up 22 wedding after-party looks that are totally worth a late-night wardrobe change. 

adrianna papell ivory cocktail dress with ruffled straps and waistline for wedding after party outfit

Cocktail Dress With Bow

The ruffle details on the hemline, waist, and sleeves give this crepe cocktail dress a flirty, feminine flair. The open back and bow detail add a hint of sexiness to the look. 

Adrianna Papell ruffled crepe cocktail dress in Ivory, $175,

nordstrom ivory asymmetric neck midi dress with short sleeves and slit in ivory for wedding after party outfit

Midi Dress With Slit

This sleek midi dress keeps you comfortable for your late-night party while also making you look amazing. The fitted silhouette gets a sexy, fashion-forward update thanks to a high slit on the skirt and trendy padded shoulders. 

Good asymmetric neck midi dress in Ivory, $139,

david's bridal ivory off the shoulder ruched crepe dress for wedding after party outfit

Off-the-Shoulder Midi Dress

Channel Old Hollywood glam vibes in this off-the-shoulder midi dress featuring a cuffed neckline that shows off your décolletage. The fitted crepe fabric will hug you in all the right places. 

DB Studio short off shoulder cuff neckline crepe dress, $120,

bhldn off white allover floral lace dress with high neckline and cap sleeves for wedding after party outfit

Floral Appliqué Dress

This whimsical wedding after-party outfit features three-dimensional florals and gorgeous embroidery. Consider this sleeveless mini dress for a garden venue or spring wedding. 

Payal Jain Archer mini dress, $345,

bloomingdale's white midi dress with high neckline and flowy pleated skirt for wedding after party outfit

High Neck Midi Dress

For something with a little more coverage but just as much style, this high neck midi dress with a fit-and-flare silhouette is worth a wear. The clean white fabric and open back prove that simple doesn’t equal boring. 

Milly Penelope high neck midi dress in Ecru, $395,

revolve ivory jumpsuit with sweetheart neckline spaghetti tie straps and wide leg pants for wedding after party outfit

Sleeveless Jumpsuit

Ditch the wedding dress after the reception and opt for a jumpsuit for your wedding after-party outfit instead. Featuring a sweetheart neckline, adjustable shoulder straps, and flared wide legs, this jumpsuit will keep you feeling (and looking) cool as you mingle with your guests. 

Amanda Uprichard champagne jumpsuit, $290,

nordstrom ivory allover lace dress with lace mesh mid length sleeves lace trimmed v-neckline and flowy skirt for wedding after party outfit

Lace White Dress

This fit-and-flare lace dress features feminine details like a scalloped neckline and knee-length skirt. Don’t limit yourself to only wearing this dress once—it’s also a perfect option for a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner dress. 

Kiyonna Bella lace fit and flare dress in Ivory, $198,

bhldn white suit jacket and pleated pant for wedding after party outfit

Suit Jacket and Pants

Channel your inner boss lady by rocking an all-white pantsuit. The tailored ankle-length pants paired with the double breasted jacket will make an instant impression. Pair this suit with wedding sneakers for a casual look or add a lace cami underneath for a hint of sexiness.

The Tailory New York x BHLDN Westlake suit jacket and suit pant, from $350,

show me your mumu white mini dress with halter wrap neckline for wedding after party outfit

Halter Mini Dress

If you’re looking for a wedding reception dress or wedding after-party outfit that’s flirty and flattering, we’ve found just the one. The twisted halter neckline and revealing back on this short style create a playful contrast that’s bound to capture your new spouse’s attention.

Show Me Your Mumu Jasmine halter mini dress in Ivory Luxe Satin, $148,

lulus silver bodycon dress with v-neckline allover sequins and fringe trim for wedding after party outfit

Silver Fringe Dress

There’s no denying this fringe-filled look is the ultimate party dress. If you’re having a New Year’s Eve wedding or Great Gatsby theme, this glam silver sequin number is right on par. 

Lulus Glitter in the Air sequin fringe bodycon dress in Silver, $68,

m.m.lafleur champagne slip dress with spaghetti straps for wedding after party outfit

Silk Slip Dress

For something more understated, this nude-hued midi dress is the perfect balance of elegant and laid-back. Take advantage of its simplicity by accessorizing with statement jewellery. (P.S.: Simple slip dresses are one of the latest bridesmaid dress trends we’re loving, and this one would be a great fit.)

M.M. LaFleur The Nene slip dress in Champagne, $265,

adrianna papell ivory allover beaded trapeze dress with high neckline and feather trim for wedding after party outfit

Ivory Trapeze Dress

This mini dress was made for anyone who wants to dance the night away. The all-over sequins, feathered hem, and flirty silhouette are reasons all on their own to throw a wedding after-party. 

Adrianna Papell halter sequin trapeze dress with feather trim in Ivory, $195,

show me your mumu silver allover sequins maxi dress with square neckline and spaghetti straps and pleated flowy skirt for wedding after party outfit

Sparkly Maxi Dress

An airy maxi dress is always a good call—it’s comfy, breathable, and trendy too. This all-over sparkly look keeps the upbeat party vibe going late into the night.  

Show Me Your Mumu Lilian maxi dress, $178,

neiman marcus silver off the shoulder jumpsuit with short sleeves pockets and allover sequins for wedding after party outfit

Sequin Jumpsuit

If you want jaws to drop as you enter the room, this shimmering jumpsuit pretty much guarantees you’ll be the centre of attention. This off-the-shoulder jumpsuit is completely covered in sequin embellishments for a truly fabulous wedding after-party outfit. 

Dress The Population Elon sequin off-shoulder jumpsuit, $358,

revolve ivory strapless midi dress with large ruffled chest and skirt for wedding after party outfit

Strapless Crepe Dress 

The architectural design of this dress makes it a total head-turner. From the ruffle skirt to the asymmetrical neckline overlay, you’ll look polished but far from boring in this second look. 

ELLIATT reception dress in Ivory, $170,

david's bridal white one shoulder jumpsuit with shoulder bow ribbon waistline ruched chest and wide leg pants for wedding after party outfit

Crepe Jumpsuit

This flattering (and comfortable) jumpsuit embodies elegance and luxury. The one-shoulder neckline is accented with a silk charmeuse bow, making the whole look feel effortlessly chic. 

DB Studio one-shoulder plus crepe wedding jumpsuit with bow, $220,

asos white blazer dress with deep-v neckline long puffy sleeves lace trim and mini skirt for wedding after party outfit

Tuxedo Mini Dress

This short dress is a bridal take on the traditional tuxedo. Featuring puff sleeves, lace details, and a plunging V-neckline, it’s a fun wedding after-party outfit if you want to make a statement. Pair this with a pair of fabulous wedding shoes and get ready for your big after-party entrance. 

ASOS DESIGN puff sleeve tux dress with lace inserts and button detail, $64,

revolve ivory midi dress with one shoulder spaghetti strap chest cutout and form fitting skirt with high slit for wedding after party outfit

One-Shoulder Midi Dress

Consider this fitted white dress for a tropical-themed bash or summer wedding after-party. The cut-out details—from the spaghetti strap one-shoulder to the leg-baring slit—take this look up a notch. 

Cinq a Sept Laurile dress, $395,

lulus silver jumpsuit with v-neckline thick straps ruched chest and pleated wide leg capri pants for wedding after party outfit

Metallic Jumpsuit

Comfort and style meet in the form of this glam metallic jumpsuit. The high-banded waist, deep V-neck, and dramatic wide pant leg all bring the heat to this look made of shimmery golden fabric. 

Lulus Turn Up metallic pleated V-neck culotte jumpsuit in Silver, $76,

11 honoré white high neck dress with allover black polka dots long sleeves and pleated flowy skirt for wedding after party outfit

Polka-Dot High Neck Dress

There’s no need to stick to a solid colour for your after-party look. This long-sleeve midi dress features an all-over polka-dot print for a fun alternative to the classic little white dress. 

Christopher Kane polka-dot high neck dress, $1,195,

adrianna papell ivory sheath dress with high scoop neckline and cape sleeves for wedding after party outfit

Cape Dress

If you’re always a step ahead of your friends when it comes to trends, this party-ready cape dress is made for you. The fitted sheath dress is classic and chic, but the cape adds the perfect amount of drama. 

Adrianna Papell structured cape sheath dress in Ivory, $160, Bridley.onlinecoedition silver dress with allover sequins v-neckline long sleeves and ruffled skirt with slit for wedding after party outfit

Long Sleeve Sequin Gown

Turn heads in this floor-length, leg-baring gown that would be perfect if you’re having an after-party at a formal venue. Between the all-over sequins, cascading ruffle on the skirt, and low-cut neckline, your guests won’t be able to look away. 

Co-Edition Kristin long sleeves sequins gown, $129,

Haven’t said yes to the dress yet? 👰
Request pricing and information from
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The Lovely List: Wedding Inspiration for Our Lovelies

Lovelies, get ready to save this wedding inspiration to your planning Pinterest board.

Bridley totally understand that finding your dress is just one of many to-dos before the big day, so we’re always looking for ways to Help a Lovely Out during the entire planning process. Bridley Team Lovely is forever on the hunt for the coolest wedding trends to share with our Babes. We look to Instagram, Pinterest and #OurBridleyLovelies’ wedding galleries for next level, creative ideas. Keep reading for Bridley Lovely List, a curated look at our fave ideas we’ve spotted lately.

Once you’ve check out the wedding inspiration from the images and links below, book an appointment to find your dream wedding dress at

lovely bride thelovelylist @greenweddingshoes
lovely bride the lovely list @festivalbrides

Colourful Cakes

(left) This boho rainbow cake by Autumn Nomad is almost too pretty to eat.

 This warm colour palette is what bridal dreams are made of. If you need us, we’ll be dreaming of how cool this cake by Tome would look next to our Lovely Bridley Bridesmaids dresses.

lovely bride the lovely list @bellevuefloralco
lovely bride the lovely list @wildernessflowers

Muted Blooms

Talk about texture! We’re head over heals for this muted bouquet with bunny tail by

A neutral bouquet with pops of pink will always be one of our favourite combos. nailed these muted blooms.

the lovely list lovely bride @dimoradellebalze
the lovely list lovely bride

Ancient Wedding Venues

Save us a seat at this magical open air ancient venue under these dreamy lights.

We can already picture Our Lovelies walking down the aisle at this open air ancient venue we spotted.

the lovely list @theknot lovelybride
the lovely list lovely bride 2

Creative Signs

Our Bridley Lovelies are so creative when it comes to  wedding décor. We love the idea of using your favourite song lyrics as a piece of art for your reception. We spotted this boho setup on

Not every sign has to be neon! We can’t get enough of this ‘to the moon and back’ sign by on a gold moon mirror.

the lovely list lovely bride floral arch
the lovely list lovely bride floral arch 2

Romantic Floral Arches

Floating on cloud nine after spotting this dreamy floral installation on

This romantic floral installation can be created  by using products from As romantic as they come. We can’t get enough of those pink pops of color.

the lovely list lovely bride 3
the lovely list lovely bride @jordanvoth

Pink Pampas Grass

How cute is this cheeky pink pampas grass installation by products from

More pink pampas grass, please! This reception table runner is the perfect statement for our boho brides.

the lovely list lovely bride kasia jewely
the lovely list lovely bride marrowfine
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