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Creative Wedding Transport Ideas for You and Your Guests

Looking for fun wedding transportation ideas for your big day? The logistics of getting to and from your wedding venue (and in some cases, a separate reception site, as well) are something everyone will have to figure out. It might be easiest to assume everyone will just drive themselves, but in many situations, that may not be the best (or safest!) plan. Which is why it’s a very smart and thoughtful idea to make room in your wedding budget for transportation for yourself and your guests. Depending on your preferences and budget, there are many different options to consider. Get inspired with these wedding transportation ideas for the bride and groom, as well as our top tips for getting your guests around!

Expert Wedding Transportation Tips So You Can Have a Smooth Ride

Study up on the basics of wedding day wheels.
Groom and groomsmen riding a San Franciso trolley.
Photo: Nightingale Photography
Like “Chapel of Love,” by The Dixie Cups says, “We’re goin’ to the chapel / And we’re gonna get married.” But how’s your mom getting there? Or your wedding party? Figuring out your wedding transportation is vital because not only does it help you get to your wedding, but it can ensure all your guests arrive at your wedding on time. According to Bridleys Real Weddings Study, a survey of 15,000 couples married in 2021, 37% of couples booked wedding transportation for their big day. To help you figure out the traveling logistics, we break down everything you need to consider, from when you should book to who pays for the wedding bus.

Who needs wedding transportation?

Michelle the principal designer and planner of Norwood Events, says your wedding party and VIPs are the number one people that need wedding transportation. “For VIPs and wedding party [members], it’s best to keep all of these people together, so people aren’t all over the place. Pre-ceremony transportation is a must, in my opinion.” You’ll need to take a headcount of this group so you can determine what kind of vehicle you’ll need to book. For many weddings, that means the couple, their wedding party, parents, siblings not in the wedding party and grandparents. Some couples also provide wedding transportation services for close relatives, out-of-towners and all guests.


When You Need Wedding Transportation

So where do you draw the line with transportation for your wedding? The decision will probably come down to your wedding budget, but you should also consider the following:

  • Distance: If your ceremony and reception venues are only a short distance away from each other, you’re in the clear. But there’s a cutoff—if they’re more than 30 minutes apart, you should consider providing transportation for all wedding guests so you don’t inconvenience them with rideshare charges or long, tedious drives. Keep other distances, like the miles between your wedding venue(s) and the hotel where you’ve booked room blocks, in mind too.

  • Location: If you have lots of people coming in from out of town (who might not have cars with them), a hard-to-get-to or hard-to-find location, you should also consider booking transportation for guests.

  • Special needs: Make your wedding disability-friendly by thinking about anyone who might struggle to transport themselves. Organize a travel plan for them—for example, ask a loved one to pick up your 90-year-old grandma who isn’t comfortable behind the wheel.


Even if you don’t have room in your budget to book transportation for guests, there are ways you can still help them. In your invitation suite or on your wedding website, provide information about public transportation. This can include where to catch a cab, phone numbers of (reputable) local services and estimates of how much each option will cost. That way, no one will have to worry whether they have enough cash on them. Wedding transportation etiquette is a little different if you’re having a destination wedding. “Keep in mind that if you’re hosting a destination wedding, guests have flown from near and far to attend your event. Providing transportation is the least you can do,” Norwood says.

Another thoughtful alternative to booking transportation is providing discount codes for rental cars. (Psst. Wedding guests get up to 25% off if they book a Budget rental car.) Also, check with the hotels you’ve reserved rooms at to see whether they provide airport shuttle service; if they do, inform your guests, then cross another task off your list.


When should I book my transportation?

Once you’ve finalized your guest headcount for the vehicles, you’ll need to make a wedding transportation plan so everything can go without a hitch. When there are three to six months to go before your special day, it’s time to book your transportation––when you’ve settled on your date, ceremony and reception sites. If you’re marrying in April, May or June—prom and graduation season—high-class vehicles will be in high demand, so you’ll need to book your transportation even earlier.

The Knot Expert Tip: Make the final reservation in person so you can inspect the vehicles and ask which one(s) you’ll be getting.

Think about what type of vehicle you want, which you can base on your wedding theme or location. Having a nautical-themed wedding overlooking the water? Transport your wedding guests to the ceremony venue via sailboat. Planning a romantic wedding.  Rent a classic trolley for your guests to get to and fro. But putting the fun ideas aside, your wedding location can impact the size of your vehicle. “For example, in some cities, the streets are quite tight and larger buses can’t make certain turns. Research the transportation needs and requirements for the city and venue your wedding is taking place, before booking your ride.


When should I schedule the pick up and drop off times?

To estimate an ideal pick up time for the ride to the ceremony, for example, plan to arrive 15 minutes early, then work backward: ceremony time, minus 15 minutes (or even more if you’re planning to get ready at the site), minus drive time, minus 10 to 20 minutes of “padding” for traffic, unexpected delays and getting excited people into multiple cars.

If your ceremony and reception are at separate locations, don’t forget about timing transportation between them. If your exchange of vows ends at 4:30 p.m. and the reception location is only 15 minutes away, but cocktail hour doesn’t begin until 6 p.m., you risk having guests arrive while the space is being prepared. Timing is everything, so try to schedule sensibly. If that’s not possible, you may need to devise a plan for occupying guests in the interim or, if need be, discuss with your reception site manager the possibility of starting the cocktail hour earlier.


Does my wedding venue need parking?

Some guests will be shuttling themselves around, so keep parking in mind. Talk to the reception site manager and find out your options and who handles the arrangements. If you have to hire an independent service, tailor it to your needs. You can choose a full-service valet team, which will park your guests’ cars and retrieve them at the end of the night. Or opt for parking attendants who direct traffic, hold signs and guide drivers to empty spaces. Either way, expect to pay an hourly rate per person, plus a 15 to 20% tip usually tacked on to your total bill. We suggest hiring five valets or three to four parking attendants for every 100 guests.

The Knot Expert Tip: A massive guest list, limited parking facilities and a complicated location will require more help and add to the cost. Before getting a price quote, ensure the parking service manager checks out the location to see how many attendants you’ll need.


How much does wedding transportation cost?

According to The Knot 2021 Real Weddings Study, the average cost of wedding transportation is $900. That said, pricing varies based on when, where and what you book. Once you’ve established your needs, start inquiring about rates and availability in your area. Most rental companies charge by the hour and require a minimum time of typically three hours. Calculate the duration from the pickup time to the end of the reception to determine if it’s worth it for your wheels to wait. A 15% to 20% tip is usually included in the contract, but if not, a $20 tip for each driver is appropriate.

Who pays for the wedding transportation?

Traditionally, it’s the bride’s family’s responsibility to pay for organized transportation and parking, minus the expense of getting the groom and best man to the ceremony (the groom’s folks traditionally pick up the tab). The bride also foots the bill for getting the wedding party and family members around. Today, however, it’s entirely up to you, your partner (and your wedding budget) who pays for what.


If guests are left to their own devices, they’re responsible for their transportation costs, whether that involves filling their gas tank, renting a car or getting a cab.

How can I save money on wedding guest transportation?

A couple of ways you can save money on transportation is by shopping around for good deals at various places (one reason why starting early is helpful) or asking rental companies if they can add freebies or extras as a part of your wedding package. The most cost-effective transport (if you’re having a small wedding) is to recruit locals to carpool with the out-of-towners. Sorting out how to get everyone from point A to point B may become an unruly task if there are a lot of people to pair up from multiple origin points. If it’s too unwieldy to pull together a volunteer fleet, rent––don’t stress yourself out too much before the big day. Skip the stretch limos and go with the regular size, or even downsize to a town car if you can. Leave out amenities like an onboard bar, TV and sunroof. Surprisingly, even the color of the car you choose can cut your bill. In general, you’ll pay less for black or silver limos than white ones, particularly during the wedding season.


Other Things to Consider for Your Wedding Transportation Plan

Create a call sheet with the names of guests and all pickup and drop-off addresses and times. Then call to confirm these arrangements with the car company the day before and the morning of the wedding. We recommend choosing a transportation point person (be it your wedding planner, a close friend or a family member) to oversee logistics on the wedding day and handle any issues. Read below for more transportation aspects to keep in mind.

  • Overcrowding: Billowing skirts and nervous excitement call for more space. Don’t try to fill every car to capacity to save money––allow an extra person’s worth for breathing room.

  • Drivers without GPS: Drivers should have all this information in advance, including (hard copy, in case of bad cell service or no GPS) detailed directions to the ceremony and reception sites. It’s also a good idea to give passengers a copy of the directions with an emergency contact number in case the driver gets lost.

  • Planning routes ahead of time: Try taking at least two different routes to your wedding venue(s) around the day and time you’ll be having the event so you can get estimated arrival times. For example, if your wedding is supposed to be on a Saturday at 3 p.m., drive to your wedding venue on a Saturday at 3 p.m. to get a ballpark for what to expect on your wedding day. If you can’t do this task yourself, ask your wedding planner or a loved one if they’re able to do it for you.

  • Your transportation contract: Be sure to get all the details in writing with your rental company. Here are a few of the points that should be included: date, time, locations of pickup and drop-off points, type and the number of vehicles rented and the exact hours each vehicle is booked for.


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A Guide to Wedding Dress Silhouettes

A Guide to Wedding Dress Silhouettes

From sleek and modern to full-skirted ball gown and everything in between, this guide to the top 6 most popular wedding dress silhouettes will help you find the one that best complements your shape and style.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll on to discover the perfect dress silhouette that’ll makes you look and feel like a million bucks on your big day!

1. A-Line

A-Line Wedding Dress Silhouette

Brides-to-be who aren’t into the dramatic look of a ball gown, but still have girlish tastes, can easily strike a balance with this go-to silhouette that’s just as elegant and feminine. The ‘50s A-line resembles the shape of the letter A. Cinched at the smallest part of your natural waist with a skirt that elegantly drapes down, an A-line dress is flattering for every form — especially if you prefer to cover your hips or balance wide shoulders. It even comes in different styles: traditional (full-skirted) to mermaid (fitted and flared), if you choose to create a more classic wedding day look.

2. Ball Gown

Ball Gown Wedding Dress Silhouette

Fitted at the bodice with a very dramatic, full skirt that begins at your natural waist, a ball gown shows off your feminine figure. It accentuates your smaller upper body while camouflaging your lower half with a voluminous skirt — ideal for giving straight body shapes a curvier appearance. Being that it’s the most glamorous silhouette, the ball gown is a perfect match for grand and regal wedding celebrations, or fitting for the classic bride who wants to show her ultrafeminine personal style.

3. Sheath

Sheath Wedding Dress Silhouette

Sheath, also referred to as a column, is the most form-fitted wedding dress silhouette. Without any flare in the skirt, a sheath dress falls down a straight line and honours your body’s natural shape. The sleek silhouette offers a lengthening effect, which is especially helpful for petite body types and slim frames. Minimal, modern, and sophisticated, this silhouette suits every kind of wedding, from cool industrial soirees to city hall nuptials.

4. Fit and Flare

Fit and Flare Wedding Dress Silhouette

The fit and flare, also known as the modified A-line, comes with a slightly more form-fitted skirt that hugs your bottom and has a hint of flare. It’s a favourite amongst many brides, as its silhouette offers a universally flattering cut that suits all body types. With light fabrics and a modern cut, it’s no wonder that brides with bohemian to romantic tastes have fallen in love with this silhouette, donning fit and flare wedding dresses that are softly feminine and chic.

5. Trumpet

Trumpet Wedding Dress Silhouette

As the name implies, this silhouette resembles the shape of a trumpet: it falls in a straight line and flares out from mid-hip toward the hem. The lines of the dress highlight your natural figure while lengthening your stature, making it ideal for curvy body types. And, bonus: it’s form-fitted yet non-constricted, so you can strut down the aisle and dance the night away on your wedding day effortlessly!

6. Mermaid

Mermaid Wedding Dress Silhouette

The curve-hugging mermaid silhouette is form-fitted at the top all the way through the skirt and flares out just below the knee. It’s made for brides-to-be who aren’t afraid to highlight their curves as every cinch and flare enhances an hourglass figure. But note: while this bodycon silhouette is flattering, its tight structure can make walking to and fro a bit tough.

Need help finding the one? Browse Bridleys bridal dresses and search by your favourite silhouette, then voilà — discover your dream dress that fits you and your wedding style perfectly!

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The Best Plus Size Wedding Dress Styles for Curvy Babes

Unique Plus Size Wedding Dress Ideas For Curvy Brides

Unique plus size wedding dress ideas for curvy brides

Brides of every shape and size should be able to find their dream wedding dress. Until recent years, the bridal market has been lacking in both size inclusivity and style variety for our plus size brides. Here at Bridley, we strive to make gowns for all brides, regardless of shape and size, height, or style. Our unique Bridley Collection is designed exclusively for curvy brides with styles ranging from traditional to boho, and even sexy plus size wedding dresses. Whether you’re looking for wedding dresses for short plus size brides or a gown fit for a princess, we’re sharing some of our favorite unique plus size wedding dress ideas for curvy brides!


All brides should feel beautiful and confident on their wedding day. To help with this, think about what your dream dress looks like before you go shopping. What feature do you want to highlight or conceal? Do you want to look sexy or dress more conservatively? Do you feel comfortable with a strapless style or are straps required? Knowing the answer to these questions will help you find wedding dresses that look amazing on your plus size figure! Something to keep in mind is that bridal sizing is different from traditional, ready-to-wear clothing. Wedding dresses run a size or two smaller than the clothes in your closet. A plus size bride can start at size 14, though our Bridley collection begins at size 16. When looking for wedding dresses that look good on plus size brides, A-lines are often considered one of the most flattering silhouettes of all body types. The fitted bodice nips in at the waist, cinching you in and accentuating the smallest part of your waist, where the skirt then flares out in an “A” shape. A gown like this can help hide the tummy, if this is a problem area for you, giving you an ideal silhouette. For the brides who want to show off their curves, a mermaid or fit and flare is the style for you. These figure-hugging silhouettes are closely fitted to the body with either a natural waistline or drop waist that will give the illusion of elongated proportions. Another thing to consider is fabric. If you’re looking for a flowing fabric that will elegantly drape off the body, something like tulle or chiffon would be ideal. These airy fabrics are lightweight with a floaty quality that will ensure they don’t cling to the body. If fitted is what you prefer, something like satin, crepe, or mikado may be preferable and they are stiffer and have more structure. This means that they will work almost the way shapewear does, smoothing out your silhouette for a streamlined look. 


Our curvy brides want a wedding dress that fits their unique personality. Whether they’re all about the boho vibe or want to feel ultra-sexy we have flattering plus-size wedding dresses that are as unique as you! 


If you’re a beachy bride who loves the sand and the surf or are just looking to have a seaside soiree, you need the perfect gown with these plus size beach wedding dress ideas. With lightweight fabrics and airy silhouettes, a beach wedding dress should have an effortless feel to them, making them ideal to withstand summer heat and easy to move around in. Our pick for a plus size beach wedding dress is Elsa, style 3352. The fresh, feminine, and floral plus size wedding dress has a relaxed A-line silhouette with stunning allover frosted floral embroidery. A flattering v-neckline and appliquéd straps give you both an opportunity to show off your decollatagé and the support busty brides may need. The dress has an unconventional pop of skin with a slit in the underskirt offering a dreamy dose of leg.  


Boho wedding dresses are popular amongst today’s brides. Their effortless style and free-spirited feeling are a great way to show off your personality. Boho wedding dresses are often embodied by soft fabrics, botanical laces, and organic beadingA gown like Erica makes the perfect plus size boho wedding dress. Erica, style 3349 is an ethereal A-line with a classic v-neckline and sheer appliqués straps. Whimsical frosted, embroidered floral lace decorates the ultra-flattering silhouette with crystal beading to add some subtle bridal sparkle. A breathtaking open back is a total wow moment that leads to an effortless chapel-length train. 


For plus size brides who are more conservative, or are looking for more coverage, a long sleeve wedding dress is for you! Long sleeves are a classic wedding dress look, with a timeless and traditional feel that many brides find appealing. If you feel self-conscious about your arms or want to conceal them for your wedding day, then a long-sleeved wedding dress is ideal. Perfect for winter weddings, but can be worn year-round, here are our picks for plus size long sleeve wedding dresses. Emerberly, style 3354 is a regal and elegant gown with a decadent amount of shimmer from the sparkle tulle to the crystal beading. Stunning frosted, embroidered appliqués cascade down from the flattering v-neckline to the full A-line skirt, but the best part is the detachable long sleeves giving you two looks in one! If you’re looking to show off your curves, but maintain the modesty of long sleeves, Sasha, style 3285 is the dress for you. The curve-hugging mermaid is adorned with vintage-inspired frosted embroidered appliqués, with a breathtaking sheer, off-the-shoulder neckline that leads to lovely long sleeves and illusion back. 


If you’re all about body, then look no further than a plus size mermaid wedding dress. The fitted style hugs your figure, showing off your curves in all their glory. This silhouette contours the body from neck to knee, where it then flares out into the skirt. Perfect for accentuating your waist, hips, and but, mermaid gowns feel sexy and serve drama. Catalina, style 3333 is mermaid magic! This gorgeous gown sparkles in sequin Chantilly lace, adorned with dreamy frosted, floral-inspired embroidered appliqués. Crystal beaded trim adds some extra shine to the exaggerated sweetheart neckline and detachable off-the-shoulder sleeves give you versatility with this glamorous mermaid. For something a bit more dramatic, there’s Giuliana, style 3363. The fitted tulle gown has romantic crystal beaded, embroidered lace appliqués decorating the drop waist bodice, which elongates the body. The sheer v-neckline leads to supportive straps and gorgeous keyhole back, with corset detail to keep you totally cinched. The flounced organza skirt is full of fabulous texture and movement, with horsehair edging to keep each ruffle defined.


Not all brides want glitz and glam when it comes to their wedding dress. Some prefer the simplicity and comfort of a casual wedding dress. Perfect for a backyard wedding or a small affair at the courthouse, a plus size casual wedding dress is cool and effortless. Caitlin, style 3331 is sophisticated simplicity. This casual wedding dress has an airy, A-line chiffon skirt that delicately billows off the body for the most flattering shape. The neckline has a subtle plunge to show off some cleavage with straps to offer plenty of support. Glistening pearl and crystal beaded embroidery radiated on the sheer, net bodice with a stunning scalloped cut-away train to match and breathtaking open back. If you prefer something more fitted, Evie, style 3343 has a similar style in a form-fitting sheath silhouette. The contemporary gown has a stunning sheer bodice designed with lovely floral embroidered lace, meeting up with a structured crepe skirt that beautifully glides over your curves for a chic and shapely look. Detachable cap sleeves give you two looks in one, allowing you to rock a strapless style, and the cut-away lace train is a romantic touch.


If you’re looking to make a stylish statement at your wedding, you might be interested in plus size black wedding dresses. Black gowns have been trending in the bridal industry, with their avant-garde design and mysteriously romantic vibe. While we don’t have any black wedding dresses in our exclusively curvy Julietta Collection, all our other bridal collections go up to size 28, making them inclusive for many of our brides to wear. Plus size wedding dresses with color don’t have to be in such a dark and dreamy shade, but if you’re looking to take a walk on the wild side, we definitely think you should consider these plus size gothic wedding dresses. If you want to serve drama at your wedding, nothing compares to Kristabelle, style 8226 in black. The gorgeous ball gown has a sculptured, off-the-shoulder neckline with delicate illusion long sleeves, all with beautiful beaded accents and textured embroidery. The feathered skirt and cathedral-length train take this look over the edge of glamour, and in mesmerizing black, we can’t think of anything more stunning! 


As we’ve stated before, A-line wedding dresses are considered to be the most universally flattering. Their fitted bodice and softly flared skirt gives us a fairytale feel that we know our brides love. This easily wearable silhouette makes for the most curvy flattering plus size wedding dresses. And in all different styles, from traditional to boho we’re confident you can find an A-line wedding dress for your big day. If you want to sparkle, look no further than Cosima, style 3332! This glittering gown sparkles with pearl and crystal beading dripping down from the plunging v-neckline to the softly flowing A-line skirt. A sweet satin bow cinches in the waist and helps to define your figure, while supportive straps will leave you feeling secure, especially with the beautiful open back. Another option is Geneva, style 3361. A traditional gown with a twist this billowing tulle A-line features a wide v-neck bodice with dazzling pearl and crystal trim and floral lace appliqués. The sheer back detailing has us swooning and the lace trimmed train is what bridal dreams are made of. 


If black isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other colored plus size wedding dresses that will make a splash at your wedding. One of our favorites is champagne. The subtle hue helps to bring a warm glow to your wedding look that will have your guests wondering what makes your dress so special. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then these curvy champagne wedding dresses are for you. Gwen, style 3364 was made for the true romantic! This elegant gown features a surplice bodice with a classic v-neckline and off-the-shoulder sleeves. Stunning frosted floral lace shines with subtle crystal beading and cascades down the airy tulle gown. The golden glow the champagne underlay gives is something that makes this dress hard to forget. If you want a gown that feels a bit more modern, check out Elizabeth, style 3345. This blooming beauty has whimsical allover embroidered floral appliqués on a fit and flare silhouette that perfectly hugs the body. The sweetheart neckline and detachable off-the-shoulder sleeves are a dreamy touch and we love how the sheer petal train matches the botanical-inspired champagne wedding dress. 


A lot of what makes a wedding dress feel vintage are the decadent laces and classic silhouettes. Our vintage-inspired wedding dresses take the modest elements of a vintage gown and add a modern twist that makes them perfect for the 21st-century bride. If you’re looking for a plus size vintage wedding dress, here are our top picks! Patience, style 3258 is a timeless curvy wedding dress with vintage-inspired frosted, embroidered lace appliqués over romantic Chantilly lace. The soft ball gown silhouette is reminiscent of the classic 50s dress, made popular by Christian Dior, and with love the contemporary touch of the illusion sleeves. A classic look gets an upgrade with Gillian, style 3362. The stunning sheath glides down the body, giving you a streamlined silhouette with elegant frosted embroidered lace appliqués adorning the Chantilly lace dress. A breathtaking illusion neckline and long sleeves carry onto the subtle sheer back with a perfect petal train to finish off the look.


Now that we’ve given you these tools, tips, and suggestions, it’s time for you to visit our amazing online store to find your perfect plus size wedding dress! 

See you there : )

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Lovely Bridley Wedding Dress Try-on Session – Our design or yours

We’ll tailor make your dress/outfit/suit at an affordable price.




Bridley is an online bridal shop committed to delivering high-quality wedding dresses at affordable prices and with great customer service. Choose from our range, or we can make almost any dress custom designed to your specification.



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