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How to Make the Most of Your Spring Wedding

How to Make the Most of Your Spring Wedding

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With the warmer temperatures and the greener surroundings, spring brings in colourful blooms, bluer skies, and happier vibes. Get to know the latest trends and creative ideas when it comes to romantic springtime weddings and garden receptions.

Spring Weddings in Australia

Nothing is more exciting than having an outdoor wedding right when springtime comes breezing along. With flowers blooming, birds chirping, and air breezing through, spring weddings are quite popular with brides and grooms because of its great ambience, its perfect weather, and long school holidays.

We’ve rounded up a couple of tips that can help you make the most of your beautiful springtime wedding, read on!

Go for natural beauty.

Feature nature’s renewed seasonal beauty and let spring take the limelight for your wedding theme. A botanical venue or a location that is filled with natural beauty will be perfect for a truly romantic wedding day. You’ll save on the decorations and you’ll also get to have Insta-worthy photos all day long with a gorgeous garden as a background. No need for over-the-top centrepieces or extravagant ice sculptures, just the blooms, greens, and the ambience can make your spring garden wedding extra dreamy.

Compliment nature’s beauty with these charming Personalised Wedding Signs that can easily help your guests navigate the breathtakingly outdoor venue in style.

Be an early bird.

As spring weddings are highly popular, booking venues and getting dates for wedding suppliers should be done as early as possible. Especially if you are quite sure that there is a specific wedding supplier or vendor that you’ve been dreaming to get, better call them up right after setting the date. Send out your save-the-dates and wedding invitations early so your family and friends can flawlessly plan their spring holiday schedules as well.

Check out our newest product, Large Printed Round Acrylic Wedding Invitation, that’s perfect for a wonderful golden spring wedding.

“Translate springtime charm into great wearable fashion.”

Florals are forever in season.

The highlight of the season is the breath-taking blooms and the natural beauty of the surroundings. Translate springtime charm into great wearable fashion through flowing floral dresses (or jumpsuits!) for your bridesmaids and flower crowns for the adorable little flower girls.

This Large Personalised Brown Wedding Guest Book, Photo Album or Scrapbook can be the best wedding keepsake you could ever have. Fill it up with photobooth snaps, with wedding adlibs from the guests, or even with the wedding cards and well wishes from all your invited guests.

Take advantage of what’s in-season.

Incorporate your favourite fruits and vegetables into your wedding menu to savour spring’s crisp abundance and natural goodness. From the refreshing cocktails to the sweet desserts, bring out the colourful beauty of spring through different culinary treats.

Feature your lovely springtime menu by having it professionally engraved on our charming 11B Timber Wooden Menu Cards.

“Feature nature’s renewed seasonal beauty and let spring take the limelight for your wedding theme.”

Cheers to the newlyweds in classic spring style.

For outdoor weddings, don’t forget to offer drinks and refreshments, even before the ceremony for especially sunny days. For the evening, create spring-themed cocktails for the guests to enjoy or simply feature the classic red wine with a couple of bubbly champagne that will pair well with the fresh spring fruits and vegetables you have served.

Toast in style with these Engraved 350ml Wedding Wine Glasses which are great as tokens for the bridal party and the parents of the newlyweds as well.

Top it off with a romantic cake.

Nothing is as sweet as a wedding cake, especially those which get to feature the season’s freshest produce such as strawberries, lemons, and even beautiful fresh flowers as accents.

Our Bamboo Wooden Cut Mr. & Mrs. Cake Topper can easily tie in with any cake that is made for spring. Be it a naked layered cake or a  classic buttercream cake filled with flowers, our cake toppers are highly customisable and easy to style.

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Black Bridal Dresses To Put On Your Radar

Black Wedding Dresses – For The Dramatic Bride.


For the absolutely magnificently unconventional bride that wants something more than white.

custom black wedding dresses dressmaker perth australia online

Dramatic, luxurious and incredibly breathe taking black wedding dress. 

Black Wedding Dresses

White wedding dresses…traditional and symbolizes the bridal culture for centuries.

Black wedding dresses…bold, unconventional and a questionable colour choice?

No, not really.

Black is not the usual colour of choice for many brides, but that’s what makes it so special. The unique qualities of a black wedding dress mean that not every bride has one, and the colour can make for an unforgettable moment on your special day.

What better way to make your big day memorable than with a black wedding dress? A symbol of elegance and glamour, the colour speaks volumes about what you want on this special occasion: Bold Memorable. Unique.

Why White Wedding Gowns Became The Norm

The dark of black were once the most popular colours for a wedding dress. This is because these shades symbolized wealth, luxury, power – all things that brides aspire to have on their special day. Furthermore, black is a colour that has been used for centuries to symbolize elegance and style. It’s no surprise then, why this hue was so popular in wedding dresses just as much – if not more than other colours throughout history.

It is said that all changed when Queen Victoria picked a bright white dress for her wedding day in 1840. From there, wealthy men insisted their bride-to wear only the finest fabric and lace with no expense spared on show; this became not just an act of pride but also one way they could distinguish themselves from other members within society who did not have such wealth or position.

From then on it became common for a bride-to be dresses to be in one colour – pure white, thereby establishing and became part of bridal culture in the western society.

But now, we’re in the 21st century and wearing white on your wedding day has been a tradition that many brides have stepped away from, entering the world of colour once again – especially picking black for their wedding dress.

What Does A Black Wedding Dress Mean?

  • Elegance – Black is effortless, glam and suits almost everyone. It is classy and elegant all in one and a black wedding gown will only be ever so elegant and super stunning.
  • Power – Black is often associated with the meaning of power. In a world where purity and significance are associated with the white colour, black can be seen as powerful. The way it is displayed you on your wedding day will leave an impression for years to come – one that says “I was confident enough in myself.”
  • Mystery – The colour black is a symbol of mystery and intrigue, one that captures your imagination with its dark depths.
  • Death – Black is an intense colour that strikes fear into the hearts of many. It’s significance is often a symbol for death and mourning and often associated with negativity. That said, if you’re a bride that is not bothered by traditional beliefs, hats off to you to choose a black wedding gown!

So You Are Thinking About A Black Wedding Dress – But Is It Appropriate?

Picking a black wedding dress to wear on your special day is not just okay, it’s the right thing. You are going out there in front of everyone – your family and friends and making a statement about who YOU truly ARE so why shouldn’t this be something that reflects how proud or excited we feel on your most special day?

A black wedding gown may not be appropriate for every situation – especially if it is important to consider the acceptance of the black colour on your wedding day if you have certain family obligations which require adhering to. As such, if you are bound by family or cultural traditions, then a black wedding gown may not be the right choice.

But…if your wedding is modern, more liberal and open to your self-expression then your dream black wedding dress awaits you, ready for the wedding of your dreams! So if this is the case, go ahead and wear a black wedding dress and be confident expressing yourself in the most amazing way.

Black Wedding Dress Inspiration

You probably have done your fair share of googling and searching online for dress inspiration of your black wedding gown.

A gorgeous black wedding dress which we picked to showcase is Bridleys Top  Selling  black Sunset figure, wedding dress. 

The dress was a truly one of a kind with it’s off shoulder, sheer corseted style bodice, shimmery details, black roses embroidered from the top all the way down through the tulle princess ball gown skirt.

The bride’s wedding ceremony was a Gothic winter wonderland in all white with a reception that had a red theme. On her own bold personality about her wedding and choice of a black bridal gown; “I never conformed to the status quo or societal expectations. I’ve always enjoyed being bold, different and trendsetting. I’ve always wanted to get married in a black wedding dress, and I’m so happy that my dream came true.”

Out client Christine knew that she desired something unique and dramatic; she was very enthusiastic about a custom dress from Bridley that would be totally unique.

Christine Quinn custom black wedding dress

The showstopping bride: Christine wearing Bridleys custom made black wedding gown.

christine quinn custom black wedding gown

A non traditional choice – yet absolutely stunning.

custom black bridal gowns perth australia

 A gown of a lifetime – a black wedding dress.

custom black bridal dresses australia custom made christine quinn

“I’ve always wanted to get married in a black wedding dress, and I’m so happy that my dream came true.” – Christine 

custom black wedding dress custom made perth australia designer

The modern and unconventional blushing bride.

christine quinn second black wedding dress custom made

The bride had a change of wedding after her statement making ceremony dress. She changed into another and her second change Bridley black wedding dress.

More Black Wedding Dress Inspirations

Goth black wedding dresses custom made perth australia

Photo source: Bridley

black lace wedding dresses custom made perth australia


Photo source: Bridley


long sleeve black wedding dresses perth australia


Photo source: Bridley



princess black wedding dresses perth australia custom made

Photo source: Bridley

If you weren’t convinced about a black wedding dress, have these photos of a gorgeous black wedding gown that has been custom made specially for the bride  convinced you? 

Where Can I Buy A Black Wedding Dress?

Of course, it’s not always easy to find your perfect dress at a bridal store that doesn’t carry the colour you want. The process of finding a wedding dress can be overwhelming, especially if you’re looking for something different from what everyone else is wearing. The task of finding a black bridal gown amidst the sea of white wedding dresses at traditional stores is described as somewhat impossible.

There’s no need to suffer through the pain of trying on white weddings when you can have something that is truly your own. The process for finding and buying a black wedding dress isn’t much different than traditional white, but of course you have to find a store or dressmaker that will be able to be able to assist you with your unique choice.

Wedding dresses are a once-in lifetime experience, so you should that perfect that you have been dreaming about. We are an online bridal store  that specializes in creating the kind of wedding dresses you simply can’t get anywhere else in store.

Want a black lace wedding dress?

Perhaps black tulle with lots of crystal beading, or simply a gorgeously minimalistic black gown.

All of our wedding gowns (our own collection as well as each unique custom made bridal gowns) are each individually handmade from start to finish by our highly experienced dressmakers.

It doesn’t matter where you are  located, feel free to reach out to us via the contact us page on website, we are always happy to assist you remotely online.

The most special day of your life is finally here. That’s why we make sure that no detail gets missed when creating a breathtakingly dress for you to wear on this incredible occasion. Whatever it is that you have in mind, reach out to us!

We can bring your vision of a magical black wedding gown to life with our custom made wedding dress making service.

A perfect match made in heaven – our team will help turn your ideas into reality and guarantee it’ll be the talk even after your wedding day!

If you like what you see and want to take the first step to getting your dream black wedding gown, we’re here and ready to help!

Let’s get started…don’t leave your dress dreams a dream...get in touch with us now.

Considering other coloured wedding dresses? ; )

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It’s been an emotional day. Even the cake is in tiers.

A Complete Guide to Wedding Cake Sizes

Here’s how to find the best proportions for your big day.

wedding cake with flowers and greenery


How To Determine Wedding Cake Sizes. A Breakdown Of Wedding Cake Sizes
Other Factors To Consider: As you likely already know, your wedding day means sharing the most important celebration of your life with friends and family. It includes picking a stunning venue, selecting beautiful blooms and décor, and, of course, coming up with an incredible food and drink menu that’s sure to please. Another important step? Selecting a wedding cake!

Wedding cakes are such a wonderful tradition and for good reason. They can function as a piece of décor, a conversation starter, and a delicious treat all in one (talk about the complete package). But when dreaming up your perfect confection, you might be wondering what the most important consideration is to keep in mind. Certainly, the cake’s aesthetic is important. And of course, the flavour definitely matters. However, before you dive into any of those details, the first step is to determine the exact size and how many wedding cake tiers you’ll need.


Need help on where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Ahead, read on for a complete guide to wedding cake sizes, so that you can ensure you have enough dessert for all your guests.


How to Determine Wedding Cake Sizes

When it comes to choosing a cake size, the first step is to consider your guest list. “Start by looking at the number of guests you are inviting,” says Bridley “With regards to the number of portions, not everyone will wish for a piece of cake. Therefore, you do not need to cater to every guest. However, some guests may wish for seconds or wish to taste each flavour.”


Typically, you can estimate the number of servings needed by approximating that 75 to 85 percent of your guests will enjoy a piece of cake. From there, determine if you’d like to have enough cake to feed every guest, whether you’d like to have cake leftover, and the size of the slice of cake you’d like to serve.


Standard wedding cake servings are 1-inch by 2-inch slices, while a larger party-size slice is 1.5-inches by 2-inches. Many bakers also offer wedding cake tiers that are 4-inches or 5-inches tall, which should be factored into sizing calculations as well. Ultimately, your cake baker should work to inform you of the best sizing options as this will help guide your choices.


A Breakdown of Wedding Cake Sizes

Think about wedding cake sizing from top to bottom. To do this, add up the number of servings a 6-inch top tier will provide, and then continue with the next cake size in order: 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, and so on. For example, if you need 74 servings of cake, a three-tiered round wedding cake consisting of a 10-inch cake (base), an 8-inch cake (middle), and a 6-inch cake (top) would suffice.

illustration of a breakdown of wedding cake serving sizes for round cakes (from 6" to 16")


Round Wedding Cake Sizing

  • Round 6-inch cake: 12 servings
  • Round 8-inch cake: 24 servings
  • Round 10-inch cake: 38 servings
  • Round 12-inch cake: 56 servings
  • Round 14-inch cake: 78 servings
  • Round 16-inch cake: 100 servings
illustration of a breakdown of wedding cake serving sizes for square cakes (from 6" to 16")


Square Wedding Cake Sizing

  • Square 6-inch cake: 18 servings
  • Square 8-inch cake: 32 servings
  • Square 10-inch cake: 50 servings
  • Square 12-inch cake: 72 servings
  • Square 14-inch cake: 98 servings
  • Square 16-inch cake: 128 servings

Other Factors to Consider

Now that you understand the fundamentals behind wedding cake sizing, it’s also important to know a few outside variables that may impact the amount of cake you need to order. That’s why we’ve highlighted five factors to consider when deciding on an appropriate cake size for your big day.


Additional Desserts

While a wedding cake may serve as the main feature of a dessert table, the addition of other treats, such as cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and even candy, may decrease the amount of cake you actually need. Consider offering enough total dessert servings for all guests to enjoy one and a half items, whether it’s a slice of cake, a cookie, or a brownie.


Saving the Top Tier

It’s a tale as old as time! Saving the top tier decoration of your wedding cake allows you to relive a momentous occasion on your first anniversary. And if you plan to follow this timeless tradition, be sure to account for it when determining your wedding cake size. Don’t include the top tier when figuring out how much you need for a certain number of servings. Simply start your calculations with the next size down, often the 8-inch cake tier.


If you’re planning a full weekend, you may need to factor in more dessert. An additional wedding cake tier can be added to allow for plenty of leftovers for guests to enjoy at a following-day celebration.

Venue Size

Think about your venue when choosing your cake size to be sure it’s proportionate. “For example, if the room is large with high ceilings, then a small-sized wedding cake might look a little lost and out of place,” says Pickering. “Fake ‘dummy’ tiers can be combined with real tiers to add height and grandeur.”


Decorations and Aesthetic

If you’re obsessed with a certain style of cake or method of decorating, you may need a larger cake size to pull off the look. “If the couple only requires a small-sized cake, then it might look out of proportion with lots of sugar decoration,” offers Pickering. If it seems like the cake may look strange in proportion to any intricate decorations, increasing the size may help to balance out the details.


Service Style

It’s helpful to consider your service style when determining cake size. If you’re planning to have a plated slice served to each guest right after their meal, you’ll want to be sure you have enough cake to deliver that same slice to everybody. If you’re planning to cut the cake just before or in the middle of a dance party, chances are, not everybody on the guest list will head over to the cake table to grab a bite. Cake toppers & flowers

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My Best Friend’s Wedding

Sophie & Alana’s Bohemian Garden Wedding

 Images by Florent Vidal Photography

Experience the enchanting tale of Alana and Sophie, two women with undeniable chemistry, who tied the knot on October 2nd, 2022, at the stunning Heaven Gardens in Salt Ash. Their wedding was a joyous commemoration of love, laughter, and a promise of a future filled with adventure and boundless affection.

After only one sushi dinner, they knew there was a special connection between them. Their connection was built on open communication, shared values, and feeling completely at home and at ease in each other’s company. As they got to know each other, they realised they had found “the one” in each other. 

Sophie had been planning the perfect proposal for months, and it was a complete surprise to Alana. The proposal took place on the beachfront of Magnetic Island, complete with a surprise picnic setup and a photographer to capture the beautiful moment. Alana’s family was on FaceTime to witness the proposal, and Sophie had arranged for Alana’s closest friends and family to send in congratulatory messages. The ring box was a Harry Potter-themed golden snitch, a nod to Alana’s love for the iconic book series.

Creating a Dreamy Bohemian Vibe: The Inspiration Behind Sophie and Alana’s Spring Garden Wedding

The inspiration for the wedding style was a bohemian vibe for décor and a Spring garden cocktail themed for the guests’ attire. Alana wore a Stella York dress from, while Sophie had her jumpsuit dress custom-made through For photography, Florent Vidal Photography was chosen based on their ability to tell a story through the art of photography and their experience in getting the perfect shot. The whimsical venue for the ceremony and reception was Heaven Gardens, while CMP Bridal meticulously did hair and makeup. The celebrant, Nell Dark Jones, was highly recommended for her supportive and humorous personality. Teasha and Mari provided the amazing music, and the rings, including the engagement and wedding rings, were purchased from The Moissanite Company. All the suppliers provided an excellent experience that culminated in this wedding masterpiece!

Enchanting Garden Ceremony and Rustic Reception at Heaven Gardens

The wedding ceremony took place in the enchanting gardens of Heaven Gardens, a flexible and DIY venue that offered a perfect canvas for the couple’s vision. Instead of traditional runners, Persian-type rugs adorned the aisle, adding to the earthy and rustic vibe the couple wanted. The wooden pavilion was a brilliant reception area, complementing the garden’s natural beauty. The catering was provided by My Three Beans Catering, a local business that served mini burger sliders, tacos, and chips/wedges, in line with the laid-back and magical garden wedding theme. Mr Goaty Gelato gave the guests four different gelato flavours, served from a bike setup – how cool is that? A gourmet grazing platter was also prepared by the couple’s friends, adding to the intimate feel of the occasion.

Sophie created the bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, along with the arbour pieces, from a mix of artificial and dried flower arrangements, tying in with the earthy, rustic tones of the wedding. The couple purchased the styling and props, including the Persian-type rugs, the dried native table arrangements, and the hanging greenery, which added to the overall gypsy and natural garden vibe. The wedding favours were little boutique jars of honey made by the venue owner, Barbara, who kept bees on the property, topped off with personalised stickers.

A Perfect Moment: The Sun Shines Brightly on Sophie and Alana’s Wedding Day After Weeks of Rain

One of the most memorable aspects of their wedding was how the weather cleared up just in time for the ceremony. After weeks of rain, the sun shone brightly on their special day.

Looking back on their big day, Sophie and Alana have some words of wisdom for other couples planning their weddings. They emphasise the importance of focusing on the love between them and not getting lost in the stress of planning. It’s easy to get caught up in the details, but at the end of the day, what matters most is the love between the couple.

They also advise couples to have a solid budget and to stick to the things that matter most to them. It’s important to remember that this is their special day, and they should do what they feel is right to make it everything they’ve dreamed of. And most importantly, they encourage couples to steal moments throughout the day to slow down and enjoy the moment because, as they discovered, the day goes by in a flash.

Sophie & Alana, thankyou for entrusting to help create your special wedding day – Memories that will last forever <3