Most popular bridesmaid & bridesmen dress colours.

Once you’ve decided on a colour scheme for your wedding, it’s time to start thinking about what your bridesmaids (or bridesmen) will wear! The look and style of your bridal party play a major part in tying together the overall theme of your wedding day.

Finding the perfect look for your bride tribe can be a tricky task — one that usually requires lots of discussion and endless inspo pics being shared in the group chat. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve rounded up the most popular bridesmaid dress colours and styles to inspire your selection.

Whether you’re planning to mix things up with mismatched bridal party looks or going for a more cohesive vibe, you’ll want to make sure the colour and style of the bridesmaid dresses you pick are flattering, comfortable, and match your overall colour theme. If you’re yet to finalise a colour scheme for your wedding, check out this article for trending Bridal Accessories palettes we’re loving.

The most popular bridesmaid dress colours for 2022 and beyond
Gorgeous pink mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses Photo by Anna Tomlinson

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What are the most popular bridesmaid dress colours at the moment?

According to the lovely team at Bridley, soft champagnes and earthy tones are having a moment — and we are here for it.

“We’re seeing more brides and bridesmaids interested in soft champagne tones and also earthier mauve and rust tones. That being said, navy is also a timeless colour that we are seeing more frequently for mother-of-the-bride looks.”

Popular bridesmaid dress colour - Champagne

What colour bridesmaid dresses are the most flattering?

If you’re not overly keen on the idea of black bridesmaid dresses, Bridley suggest darker-toned dresses such as navy or dark mauve, as they are flattering tones for various skin tones and figures. “The fabrication of bridesmaid dresses can also make a big impact and help by broadening the colours that can be selected. For example, waterfall/knife pleating is flattering on many silhouettes — the pleating elongates the figure, and the relaxed fit is comfy and modest, so your bridesmaids are likely to feel more comfortable.”

Here are some of our favourite trending bridesmaid dress colours:

Earthy Tones

The most popular bridesmaid dress colours for 2022 and beyond

Swoon-worthy terracotta dresses. Photo by Puzzleman Productions

Beautiful 'Eleanora' and 'Doren' rust bridesmaid dresses from Esther & Co
Beautiful rust bridesmaid dresses from Bridley
Copper coloured bridesmaid dresses at Ella and John's Stones of the Yarra Valley wedding
Copper coloured bridesmaid dresses at Ella & John’s wedding. Photo by Fern & Stone Photography

Rust, mauve, copper, mustard, taupe, and terracotta are all gorgeous earthy tones for bridesmaids’ dresses, evoking a rich warmth that looks absolutely stunning in photos. From rustic rural soirees to luxe bohemian weddings, the earthy colour palette suits an array of themes and is a great choice if you’re planning to tie the knot in autumn.


The most popular bridesmaid dress colours for 2022 and beyond
Gorgeous silky green bridesmaids’ dresses – Photo by Liz Barnes Photography
emerald green bridesmaids dresses at Sophie & Tim's Woods Farm wedding. Image by Neaton Photography.
Emerald is a gorgeous shade of green for bridesmaids – Image by Neaton Photography.
Forest green bridesmaid dress inspiration
Forest green bridesmaid dresses at Carla & Mauricio’s real wedding. Photo by Ateia Photography

Perfect for spring weddings and whimsical garden gatherings, green has fast become a popular bridesmaid dress colour, and it’s here to stay. Sage, forest and emerald green have become particularly popular in recent years, lending themselves perfectly to fresh colour palettes with pops of white contrasting the green tones beautifully.

Blush Pink

Bridesmaid dress inspiration based on your wedding colour - pink
Baby pink never goes out of style! Photo by Lost in Love Photography
Blush pink boho bridesmaid dresses
Blush and boho: off-the-shoulder bridesmaids dresses at Jess & James’ wedding. Photo by Lauren Olivia Photography.
Blush pink bridesmaid dress inspiration
Floor-length satin blush gowns at this romantic real wedding. Photo by Amy Skinner Photography.

Another timeless bridesmaid dress colour, blush pink is a dreamy, soft shade perfect for romantic garden weddings in the warmer months. We love the subtlety and femininity of this shade, which looks particularly stunning in satin. And because blush is one of the most popular bridesmaid dress colours of all time, it’ll be easy to find different styles in the same shade to suit all of your bridal party members!

Soft Peach

Blush pink bridesmaid dress colour inspiration
Peach/champagne satin bridesmaid dresses at Jayne & Chad’s winery wedding. Photo by DUUET Photography
Bridesmaid dress inspiration based on your wedding colour - peachy pink
Soft peach bridesmaid dresses at this real wedding. Photo by Veri Photography

Similar to blush but with a fresher take, soft peach is a versatile bridesmaid dress colour that pairs beautifully with romantic pastel blooms. A beautiful colour for spring or summer weddings, soft peach is a timeless but fun wedding colour and works well in winery, garden and beach settings.


White & Ivory

White bridesmaid dress colour inspiration
Dreamy white bridesmaids’ dresses — Photo by Common Studios Photography
Champagne bridesmaid dresses at Marissa & Luke's Burnham Grove Estate wedding. Photo by Lightheart Films & Photography
Beautiful champagne bridesmaid dresses at this real wedding. Photo by Lightheart Photography & Films

Once a controversial pick for bridesmaids’ dresses, white and ivory shades are becoming increasingly popular with couples looking to steer away from tradition with a crisp, all-white wedding colour palette. When done right, white bridesmaid dresses will actually complement your dress while looking absolutely breathtaking in photographs. The white and ivory colour palette is also incredibly versatile and will suit pretty much any wedding theme!


Black bridesmaid dress inspiration
Black mismatched bridesmaid dresses at Jessica & Christopher’s art deco wedding. Image by The White Tree
Chic black bridesmaid dress inspiration
Chic black bridesmaids’ dresses — Photo by Inlighten Photography
Black bridesmaid dress inspiration
 Photo by T-One Image

For a timeless and chic wedding look, we love black bridesmaids’ dresses. This easy-to-wear shade is incredibly flattering and looks great on everyone, so your bridesmaids are guaranteed to feel comfortable and confident on the day. We’ve seen this bridesmaid dress colour choice becoming super popular for contemporary, inner-city weddings

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